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Audiences & Cultural Experiences in the Digital Age

I am delighted to announce that the registration for our forthcoming workshop ‘Audiences & Cultural Experiences in the Digital Age’ has opened. For registering, please go to our Eventbrite page.

This one-day multidisciplinary event will bring together scholars and students from the broader area of Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences to explore the increasingly complex technological mediation of the relationship between social practices, cultural institutions, their cultural offerings and their audiences. Actually, the digital and new media technologies have encroached upon cultural heritage and art expressions allowing processes, relationships and narratives to alter. As a part of the ‘the affective turn’ (Clough & Halley, 2007), audiences have become an intrinsic part of art works, exhibitions and design processes altering the existing knowledge production and allowing new consciousness to occur.

This event aims to further explore issues derived as a result of the research skills development AHRC-funded ‘New Media, Audiences and Affective Experience’ (http://affectiveexperiences.com/) project which was organised and completed last year by an inter-disciplinary team of doctoral students from City University London, University College London, Middlesex University, New London Graduate School (NLGS) and King’s College London. After the successful three seminars and an international conference, we aim to take the collaboration and the academic discussions further with a workshop that will showcase relevant research conducted at UCL, in the area of the Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences.

Some of the questions to be explored are:

  • What role do new technologies play alongside cultural institutions such as galleries and museums in transforming experiences and creating new sorts of social situations for interaction?
  • How do Web and digital technologies shape ways of researching the audience/user experiences?
  • How disciplines such as Digital Humanities, Archaeology, Museum or Cultural Studies and Social Sciences explore the notion of emotion and affect in regards to cultural heritage, cultural institutions and their offerings?
  • What research questions, methodologies and theoretical approaches scholars in these fields employ for researching affect and audience/users’ experiences?

This event is funded by the UCL Joint Faculty Institute of Graduate Studies (JFIGS).


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Affective Experiences: media art, design and research

We are delighted to announce that the registration for our conference  Affective Experiences: media art, design and research is now open.

This conference offers a multi-disciplinary space to discuss challenges in theorizing emotional and affective experiences in practices using interactive and digital technologies. The  symposium will specifically question audience experiences and interaction with new media interventions in art galleries, museums and institutions invoking affect.

Book your place now at Parasol unit’s event page.

A collaboration by City University London, Kings College London, Middlesex University, New London Graduate School (NLGS) and University College London in the academic fields of Creative Industries and Practice, Art and Design and Digital Humanities.

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